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The professional display ceiling mount solution ensures that information is quickly and clearly visible. Ideal for above a counter or as a digital menu board. Vogel’s has a ceiling solution for small, medium-sized and large displays. Cables are easily concealed thanks to the cable management system. Choose a height-adjustable ceiling solution for more flexibility. Or go for a fixed ceiling mount where the display is mounted in a fixed position. 

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Attachment of multiple displays
  • Levelling after installation

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PUC 24 Series display ceiling mounts round pole

Display ceiling mounts 360 degrees rotating

The ceiling mounts of the PUC 24 Series are suitable for displays weighing up to 40 kg. The 24 series has a 360-degree rotation function. In addition, the ceiling mounts have a tilt function that can be used for both flat and sloping ceilings and these are also suitable for suspended ceilings. The ceiling mounts are designed to mount displays, televisions and monitors securely to the ceiling and offer flexibility in viewing angles and positioning. The 360-degree rotation function allows you to rotate the display in any direction, which can be useful in different environments such as at home, in the office or in commercial spaces.  

Display ceiling mounts, flat ceilings

The PUC 24 Series ceiling mounts are ideally suited for mounting on flat ceilings. These mounts allow you to safely and quickly attach your display up to max 40 kg to the ceiling. The round poles are available in four different lengths, 80cm, 150cm, 220cm and 300cm. And in two colours, silver and black. Depending on the display, you choose the appropriate display interface.
  • Choose the display interface PFI 3015 for displays up to 32 inches.
  • Choose the display interface PFI 3045 for displays up to 43 inches.
Both interfaces have a tilt function of up to 20 degrees, allowing you to set the optimal viewing angle based on your needs and the position of the display in the room. If you are dealing with larger displays, for example a 65-inch display, you can use the display interface plates in combination with the display interface strips of the Vogel's Connect-it system. This is because the ceiling supports of the PUC 24 Series are part of the modular Connect-it system, which means that all products can be combined with each other.

Display ceiling mounts, sloping ceiling

The ceiling mounts of the PUC 24 Series feature a rotating and tilting ceiling plate. Useful if you want to attach a ceiling mount to a sloping ceiling. The ceiling plate can be placed at any specific angle up to 90 degrees. Not all spaces are the same height. Therefore, you can choose from four different length poles, i.e. 80cm, 150cm, 220cm and 300cm. Prefer a different length? No problem. The poles are made of lightweight aluminium so easy to shorten. The poles are also equipped with a convenient cable inlay system (CIS®) so you can easily hide cables. Another feature of the poles is the specially developed nut channel. This special nut channel allows accessories to be added afterwards, after installation. Two dedicated interfaces are available for attaching small- to medium-sized displays.
  • The PFI 3015 for displays with a VESA of 50x50, 75x75 or 100x100mm.
  • The PFI 3045 for displays with a VESA of 200x100 or 200x200mm.
Both interfaces feature a stepped tilt function 0-10-20 degrees.

Display ceiling mounts, suspended ceiling

In addition to flat and sloping ceilings, the ceiling mounts of the PUC 24 Series are also very suitable for mounting in a suspended ceiling. With the supplied cover ring, you can neatly finish the hole in the suspended ceiling. See which pole is most suitable for your situation. The poles come in lengths of 80cm, 150cm, 220cm and 300cm. And the poles can be easily shortened to any length. Depending on the size of the display, you choose a display interface. The PFI 3015 and PFI 3045 are suitable for small to medium-sized displays. For larger displays, the display interface plates and display interface strips can be used from the modular Connect-it system.  

Display ceiling mounts, for truss systems

For attaching small to medium-sized displays to a truss system, Vogel's also has a suitable solution. In this case, you use the PUC 1051, which is a special truss adapter. The truss adapter is part of the modular Connect-it system and can therefore be combined with the PUC 24 poles and the associated display interfaces.  

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PFC Series display ceiling mounts

Display ceiling mounts, height adjustable

The height adjustable display ceiling mounts from Vogel's PFC series are perfect for smaller displays up to 42 inches with a maximum weight of 15 kg, They can be mounted on flat and on sloped ceilings. Useful when dealing with a sloping roof. If the height of the ceiling isn't quite clear yet, no problem. These display ceiling mounts can be adjusted in height.
  • The PFC 585 is adjustable in length from 550mm to 810mm.
  • The PFC 585 can be adjusted in height from 830 - 1380 mm.
Both ceiling mounts have a swivel function and can be tilted 20 degrees for optimal viewing comfort. The adjustable poles feature a cable inlay system so you can neatly hide your cables. If your display has a VESA pattern of 100mm x 100mm, 100mm x 200mm or 200mm x 200mm then these display ceiling mounts from Vogel's are the perfect solution.

PUC 25 Series display ceiling mounts square pole

Display ceiling mounts for flat ceilings

For safely mounting medium to large-sized TVs to flat ceilings, the ceiling mounts of the Vogel's PUC 25 Series are perfect. The advantage of the PUC 25 series is that you can hang very large displays, but also, for example, two displays side by side or on top of each other. You can also use the mounts of the PUC 25 Series to mount two displays back-to-back, a back-to-back arrangement. Useful when you want to show images on two sides. A ceiling solution consists of a ceiling plate, a pole (80cm, 150cm or 300cm), a display interface bar and display interface strips. Your choice depends on the size of your TV. Many configurations are possible.  

Display ceiling mounts for flat ceilings, rotatable

The PUC 25 series also has ceiling mounts that you can rotate. Handy when you want to adjust your viewing angle. These ceiling mounts, for medium to large-sized displays, are suitable for flat ceilings. The rotatable ceiling mounts are suitable for displays up to 65 inches and can rotate as much as 360 degrees. The maximum weight they can carry is 80 kg. Always check the specifications of the ceiling mount and the display you want to hang. Vogel's always offers the right mounting solution.  

Display ceiling mounts for flat or sloping ceilings

Sometimes you have to deal with sloping ceilings. Even then, it's handy if you can still attach your TV display. With the tiltable ceiling plate from the PUC 25 series, this is possible. Easily attach your display with a maximum weight of 80 kg to the ceiling. You can tilt your screen up to as much as 90 degrees. Always make sure your ceiling mount is suitable for the weight of your display. Also always check the VESA hole pattern. The VESA size refers to the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the display.  

Double-pole display ceiling mounts for large displays

For mounting large displays with a maximum weight of 160kg, it is advisable to use 2 poles of the PUC 25. The ceiling mounts for large displays are suitable for flat ceilings and for displays with a minimum screen size of 65 inches. The minimum VESA size is 100 x 100 mm and the maximum VESA is 850 x 400 mm. The poles are fitted with a cable inlay system. Handy to neatly hide your cables.

Display ceiling mounts with double pole for multiple displays

If you want to mount two or more displays side by side or on top of each other, you can also use Vogel's PUC 25 series. For example, in menu boarding, this situation sometimes occurs. It is advisable to compare the specifications and reviews of different ceiling mounts before making a choice. That way, you are sure to find the right mount that meets your needs and fits the size and requirements of your display.

Display ceiling mounts back-to-back

Vogel's PUC 25 Series is suitable for mounting displays in a back-to-back position. In this case, you use a ceiling plate, a pole, two display interface bars and 2 sets of display interface strips. Bars and strips depend on the size and type of display to be used. Whatever displays you are going to use, always check the specifications of the ceiling mount and the displays. Pay attention to load capacity, VESA hole pattern, tilt function and ceiling height. 

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