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COMFORT Full-Motion TV Mount in living room | Vogel's


Stylish & Secure

In a busy family, your TV has to endure a lot. That's why Vogel's developed the COMFORT line. A series of TV wall mounts that stylishly combines design and safety. Specially designed for years of intensive use.

  • For everyday use: Designed with your family in mind
  • Built to last: Stays strong after years of use
  • 10 years guarantee

Flat against the wall, with tilting or full motion

COMFORT TV Wall Mounts are suitable for TVs from 19 to 100 inches and weighing up to 75 kg. They are available in different versions.

Does your TV just need to be mounted flat against the wall? Or would you also like to tilt or rotate the TV? There is a comfortable solution for every need.

Family looking at TV Wall Mount | Vogel's

Made for years of intensive use

Every COMFORT Wall Mount is designed to last. You can tell this by the high-quality materials used, among other things.

The wall mounts are made of carbon-reinforced steel and have epoxy powder coatings. Even after years of intensive use, they remain just as strong, safe and stylish. This means that we can offer you a 10-year guarantee on all Wall Mounts in the COMFORT series.

TV Wall mount, family playing COMFORT | Vogel's
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'Fixed' TV Wall Mount

Flat TV wall mount in the living room | Vogel's

COMFORT Fixed is the solution for mounting your TV extra flat against the wall. There is only 2.2 cm between your TV and the wall. COMFORT Fixed is ideal if you always sit directly in front of the TV. The screen cannot be turned or tilted.

Thanks to the ClickLoc™ Safety System, you lock your TV securely to the wall mount with an audible click. The click ensures that your TV is properly secured.

The handy thing about Fixed TV wall mounts is that they have a special maintenance mode. This allows easy access to the cables even after mounting on the wall.

'Tilt' TV Wall Mount

Tilt TV Wall Mount in the bedroom

COMFORT Tilt is the version that allows you to tilt the TV smoothly up to a maximum angle of 20°. This makes for comfortable viewing if your TV is mounted a bit higher on the wall, for example in the bedroom.

The tilt function allows you to set the perfect viewing angle.

Like the Fixed wall mounts, the Tilt models also feature the ClickLoc™ Safety System for secure locking.

'Full-Motion' TV Wall Mount

tv beugel

COMFORT Full-Motion is the solution with which you can turn the TV 120°. The Full-Motion+ models can even be rotated 180°*, thanks to the extra-long arms. Ideal if you want to enjoy your TV from every corner of the room.

All COMFORT Full-Motion models can be tilted as well as turned. The TV wall mounts have been specifically designed for safe tilting and mounting of your TV.

Adjusting your Full-Motion TV wall mount to a perfectly level position is easy, even after installation. Cable clips keep the cables tight and tidy against the wall mount.

*Depending on your screen size.

'Full-Motion OLED' TV Wall Mount

Full-motion TV wall mount, mount safely, COMFORT | Vogel's

The OLED Full-Motion Wall Mount is designed especially for OLED TVs. It connects seamlessly to the back of your OLED TV, preserving the minimalistic design. Because OLED TVs have a very good viewing angle, tilting your TV is not necessary.

Thanks to TiltAnchor™, these fragile screens are therefore firmly fixed in the home position.

OneFinger™ Movement

All Full-Motion versions have OneFinger™ Movement. Thanks to the long swivel arm and OneFinger™ Movement, you can effortlessly rotate your TV into any position. The secret lies in the special bearings and axles made of extra-reinforced steel.

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Your TV couldn't be safer

Your TV is a valuable and fragile piece of equipment. You are careful with it. Especially in a house with children or pets, you want to minimise the risk of knocks or damage. Mounting your TV firmly and securely on the wall is therefore a logical choice.

COMFORT TV Wall Mounts are ideal for this purpose. They are not only stylish, but also very robust. Your TV couldn't be safer. Every COMFORT TV Wall Mount is TÜV-certified and therefore meets the highest safety requirements. Each product is tested at no less than three times the maximum TV weight capacity.

Vogel's. For Sure.

COMFORT manual + installation video

TV Wall Mount, stylishly safe on the wall, COMFORT | Vogel's

Your COMFORT TV Wall Mount comes with a Quick Installation Guide. It explains step by step how to install the wall mount safely. In addition, you will find a detailed manual and installation video for your COMFORT TV Wall Mount online. Scan the enclosed QR code with your smartphone and you are taken directly there.

Get started straight away

Installation QUICK TV wall mount done | Vogel's

You can get started straight after purchasing the wall mount.
You don't need to go to the hardware store first to get the right screws and plugs. Everything you need is included in the packaging:

  • Drilling template

  • Screws

  • Fischer® DuoPower plugs

DrillRight Augmented Reality App

TV Wall Mount, DrillRight™ Augumented Reality App, easy installation | Vogel's

To make installation even easier, Vogel's developed the DrillRight App for you. With this free app, you can easily mark out the first drill hole.

Spirit level included

TV wall mount, spirit level, COMFORT | Vogel's

All COMFORT Wall Mounts come with a spirit level to make sure your TV is mounted perfectly level.

The Fixed and Tilt models have a built-in spirit level. A spirit level is supplied separately with the Full-Motion versions.

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