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Every quarter you have the chance to win a gift from Vogel's. Write a review and who knows you are the lucky winner of a TV, tablet or Vogel's product with a maximum value of 449, -- Euro! Good reviews help other customers to make the right choice. We therefore encourage the writing of reviews for our products.

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That is very simple! Write a review for one of our products which you purchased and you participate automatically.*

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*This action runs until 31 December 2020

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Every quarter Vogel's makes someone happy with a nice price. Next to this you will find the pictures of some lucky winners. 

If you also want to win a prize, join us and write a review for one of our products!


Q3 2019
Niek S. from Sint Oedenrode (NL)

Q2 2019
Leo. T from Diest (BE)

Q1 2019
Karine A. from Tartu (EE)


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