Monitor Mounts

Nowadays many people work from home and create a home office. In addition to a good chair, monitor and desk, the placement of your monitor is very important when setting up the workplace. Your monitor at the right height and distance is essential.

How do you set up a home office as effectively as possible?

In case the home office is your current workplace, it is important that it is well equipped. A well equipped home workplace contributes to a better ergonomy, sitting posture and prevents problems with your eyes or back. Vogel's offers various possibilities to mount your monitor in your home workplace. Which one? For example, a monitor support with arm that can be mounted onto your desk. This can be easily adjusted in height and rotated to the desired position. You can also mount the monitor on the wall, allowing you to rotate the monitor to any angle.

Why choose a monitor mount?

By using a monitor wall mount you can make sure your monitor is always in the right position while working at home. Why is this important? Well, to make sure that you sit in front of your monitor as good as possible in terms of distance and height. A good sitting posture while working is very important. Vogel's monitor mounts are very handy and move to your ideal position and are super strong. When using the Monitor wall mount you can use a turnable, flat or flush against the wall. This ensures that your home office is well equipped, prevents complaints and looks neat and tidy. Vogel's offers the best solution in the WALL 1020 and WALL 1120, but also for larger monitors like the WALL 2125.

How useful is a monitor support? 

A monitor stand can be mounted directly on the desk, so there is no need to have a wall nearby. This monitor support, or monitor arm, ensures a good working posture and relieves strain on back and neck. In addition, a monitor support creates space on your desk. We always advise you to buy a monitor support that is suitable for the location of your workstation, is height adjustable and has the maximum load-bearing capacity for your monitor. Vogel's has monitor stands that you can move manually, such as the PFD 8522 and PFD 8523, but also a stand with gas spring. The PFD 8543 for instance can be easily adjusted in height any time.

How do I install a monitor wall mount or monitor stand?

A monitor wall mount is attached to the wall as the name suggests. This can be done by simply drilling two holes, with which you attach the wall plate to the wall. This allows you to mount the monitor wall mount in the desired location and if you have a movable mount, rotate it in the left or right direction you want. No drilling? That is possible! You can easily attach a monitor mount to your desk. This can be done by attaching the desk clamp to your desk.