Why mount your TV?

We give you a number of reasons here

Have you recently purchased a new TV and are you considering mounting it? Or are you renovating and unsure about whether to mount your TV on the wall? In short, are you wondering what benefits there are to mounting your television? A number of advantages are listed here.

    • Safe solution
    • Space saving
    • Choose the TV height and viewing angle yourself
    • Give your living room a more stylish look
    • Stop those annoying glares

A safe solution

You don't always think about it, but accidents do sometimes happen at home. If your TV is placed on a TV stand, it can always fall off. Fortunately, mounting your TV prevents that from happening! 

A safe solution

Your TV stays firmly in place

You save space

You no longer need a stand for your TV. This saves a lot of room, especially if you have a smaller living space.

Even if you want to keep your TV cabinet for storing your equipment or media box, you can still create more space by mounting your TV. It allows you to place accessories on your TV cabinet or sideboard instead.

Flexibility in selecting the desired height

You can mount your TV at the perfect height for you. You are no longer dependent on the height of your sideboard or TV cabinet.

If you watch TV in bed, it's better to mount your TV a bit higher. It gives less strain on your neck. Take a look for instance at our tilting (TILT) TV wall mounts. These allow you to tilt your TV (up to 15 or 20 degrees), giving you a better view of the screen.

A nicer interior

Televisions are getting thinner and thinner and more stylish. Mounting your TV displays your lovely flat TV as if it were a beautiful painting.

Mount your TV with Vogel's flat TV wall mounts
Vogel's full motion TV mount - a great view from anywhere in the room

A great view from anywhere in the room

Do you like to watch your favourite TV programmes at the dining table as well as from the couch? Or is your couch not directly opposite your TV?  Then you should consider mounting your TV on a full motion TV mount.

Full motion TV wall mounts  are available for different screen sizes, in different colours and with a turning angle of 120 or 180 degrees (perpendicular to the wall). So if you want to watch TV from any viewing angle, then mount your TV on a full motion TV mount.

No more annoying glares

No matter from which direction the sun is shining, with a full motion TV mount you'll never again be bothered by glare: you can avoid annoying glares and reflections by using the wall mount to turn your TV slightly.

Is screen glare an issue?

No more annoying glares

We can take care of it!

Are you convinced that mounting your TV is the best option but unsure as to whether you can do it yourself?

Vogel's has made every effort to ensure that the installation is as easy as possible. Every TV mount includes a comprehensive installation guide as well as mounting materials, such as screws and plugs. You can also find instructional videos on our YouTube channel.

Do you have difficulty choosing the best location to drill the first hole? The TV Mount Guide app , especially developed by Vogel's, makes it easier to place the first hole and is extremely accurate. And it is tailored to your specific TV.

Vogel's TV Mount Guide app Vogel's TV Mount Guide app
Vogel's full motion TV mount

Our complete range of TV mounts

Curious about whether Vogel’s has a TV wall mount for you? Use our advice tool. Enter your TV model number into the tool, along with the desired functionality. You can also search without entering your TV model number or the functionality. But if you enter the model number, we can give you more specific advice.

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