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TVA 6301 TV back cover (anthracite)

TVA 6301 TV back cover (anthracite)

TVA 6301 TV back cover (anthracite)

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Vogel's Ambiance
TVA 6301
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  • Easily installed
  • Easily remove to install your cables
  • Hide all unsightly cables

TV back cover - hide cables and connections

This back cover is an ideal solution, to neatly conceal all cables and connections behind your TV. This means you won't have messy cables and connections in sight when you pull the TV forward or turn it sideways. Can be easily retrofitted.

Neatly hide cables and connections behind TV

The back cover is made of anthracite-coloured felt and is suitable for all Vogel's COMFORT Full-Motion TV wall mounts and TV floor stands (TVS 3690, TVS 3695). Simply click the back cover onto the interface frame.

To complement your complete AV set up other accesssories are available, such as a cable cover.

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