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Tilted TV above fireplace in a living room | Vogel's

Mounting your TV above the fireplace

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A TV above the fireplace creates countless viewing options in your living room. It immediately provides more space and gives you more freedom when furnishing your home. In addition, having the TV above the chimney is a beautiful eye-catcher in your living room. While the fire is lit, you and your family can enjoy a fun TV programme. But before you get started with mounting your TV above the fireplace, we would like to give you some tips.

1. Mounting your TV safely

When mounting your TV, you want to make sure your wall mount can support the weight of your TV. With the use of our TV mount advisor, you will know exactly which wall mount suits your TV.

Vogel's TV wall mounts are tested at three times the maximum weight capacity to ensure complete safety. Also, with clear and helpful instructions, you can mount your TV on the wall above your fireplace in no time.

2. The TV's angle above the fireplace

The ideal viewing height differs from person to person. It depends on the size of the TV and your preference in how you watch TV. However, the height is always important when mounting your TV. Choosing to mount the TV above your fireplace usually means it is higher than normal. Not the most ideal viewing position when you are trying to relax and watch TV. Going for a Tilt wall mount is the best option. This gives you the option to tilt the TV so you don't strain your neck.

3. Careful with heat

It is a well-known fact that electronic devices and heat are not the best of friends. Still, it is possible to mount your TV above the fireplace. Did you know that most TVs can withstand a certain amount of heat? Always check the TV specifications. In addition, a thicker mantelpiece can help to shield some of the heat. And with an electric fireplace, you don't have the problem of it being too hot for your TV at all.

4. Hiding your cables

Mounting your TV above the chimney can lead to a problem with concealing the cables. As the eye-catcher in your living room, you want to make sure that the cables don't spoil the view. Consider hiding the cables in the wall, if you happen to be refurbishing anyway. And if that's not the case, choose universal cable covers. They are easy to install and make the room neat and tidy.

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