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Sonos Era speaker mount, Sonos Era 300 livingroom | Vogel's

Sonos Era speakers - whether to hang or place for best sound

Sonos Era 300 to hang or set down

You've just received your brand new Sonos Era speakers. Speakers you have carefully chosen for their impressive sound and sleek design. You want to enjoy that to the fullest. To do that, we recommend hanging or placing your Sonos Era 300 or 100 speakers on a stand. Find out why and how.  

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Why mount your Sonos Era speakers?

Whether it's in the living room where the Sonos Era speakers end up. Or in your mancave. Always make the best use of your space. Hanging the Sonos Era 100 or 300 speakers is therefore the perfect solution. 
You are not dependent on where a cabinet or TV unit is located. And you can rotate the speakers into the perfect sound position. Soon Vogel's will have speaker mounts and floor stands specially designed for Era 100 and Era 300. Experience the ultimate sound experience. 

How many Sonos speakers are you hanging or placing?

One or two Sonos Era speakers? 

Did you buy one Sonos Era speaker? Then you will enjoy clear sound and the speaker acts as the only sound source. Are you buying two? Then you can create a more intense sound experience and wider stereo sound.  

Two Sonos Era 100 or 300 speakers

In the latter case, make sure the speakers are 3 metres apart. And your favourite listening position should be about 2.5 to 4 metres away from the speakers. Do you have a smaller distance? Then you can hear the bass tones better.  

Surround sound system

To create a true home-cinema experience, you can create a Sonos surround sound system. You do that with four speakers, receiver and a subwoofer. It takes just a bit more time and investment, but you get full surround sound in return.

Avoid vibrations and resonance

Putting your speakers on the floor or a piece of furniture often causes unwanted vibrations and resonances from your speakers. Not great, because it detracts from your sound experience. By not placing speakers directly on the floor or on your TV cabinet, you reduce vibrations and resonances. A speaker mount or floor stand offers the solution. 

What is the best placement for Sonos Era speakers?

Place speakers at ear level

To fully enjoy the sound from the Sonos Era speakers, we recommend placing your speakers at ear height. This may mean that your speakers need to be placed on a floor stand. That solution is not everyone's preference. Hanging your speakers is therefore a great alternative. That way, you can place the speakers in the listening direction. At Vogel's, we offer both solutions. 

Ways to mount your Sonos Era 300 speakers

You get the most out of the Sonos Era's sound by placing them where there is space around them. Hanging is therefore ideal. Sonos even recommends mounting the speaker upside down when hung high for the best sound experience. This keeps the control buttons accessible. 

With a mount, you also ensure that the desired 60 cm clearance above the speaker is maintained. And it allows the speakers to be positioned in any direction. 

Placing Sonos Era speakers

Are you placing the Sonos Era speakers? Then make sure there is at least 2.5 cm clearance from the wall. Even if you put it next to a cabinet. The advantage of the Sonos Era is that it sends sound in every direction. So even if you can't place the speaker in the most ideal spot, you will enjoy optimal sound. 

What do you do with the cables? 

Hide cables of your speaker | Vogel's

Are you hanging your speakers with a Vogel's speaker wall mount? Then neatly conceal your cables with a cable tray. You can also find those in our webshop. Are you placing your speakers on a Vogel's speaker floor stand for Era 100 or 300? Tuck away your cables with the integrated cable management system. The cable is easily routed through the pole.  

Minimalist speaker mount or floor stand

Vogel's speaker mounts and floor stands have a minimalist design | Vogel's

So hanging or placing your Sonos Era speakers gives a lot of positive effects. Besides the enhanced sound experience, it gives a minimalist, uncluttered look in the room where they hang or stand. Vogel's speaker mounts and floor stands are designed to last a long time. Thanks to their timeless design and high quality, you will enjoy every music moment to the fullest.  

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