Soundbar Mounts

By mounting your sound bar to your TV wall mount, the sound from your soundbar turns with your TV. This provides a better sound. Vogel’s sound bar mounts are specially designed to produce the best audio experience and fit virtually any soundbar brand. 

Vogel's SOUND 3550 Sound Bar Mount - Product

SOUND 3550 Sound Bar Mount

Your soundbar that turns with your TV

SOUND 1250 Soundbar Mount

SOUND 1250 Soundbar Mount

Your soundbar that turns with your TV

Would you like the sound from your sound bar to turn with your TV? Do you want to connect a soundbar seamlessly to your TV? Vogel’s has the best sound bar mount solutions.   

Looking for a Sonos Beam mount or a Sonos PLAYBAR mount? 

The Vogel's sound bar mount  is especially designed for popular soundbar brands, such as the Sonos Beam and Sonos PLAYBAR. This sound bar mount is exactly what you need in order to watch TV from any corner of the room without sacrificing sound quality. But the Vogel's sound bar solution is also available for your Bose SoundTouch, Bose Soundbar, Denon HEOS HS2 Soundbar, Samsung HW Soundbar and JBL Bar.

Vogel’s has the right sound bar mount for any sound bar brand

Looking to mount your sound bar? No matter which sound bar brand you choose, Vogel’s always has a solution. Vogel’s offers a sound bar mount for all of the well-known brands, such as LG, Bose, Sony, Heos, Samsung, JBL, Harman Kardon, Panasonic, Yahama, Denon, Philips, SONOS and many more. 

Sound bar and TV mount, seamlessly connected

Combine the soundbar mount with our full-motion TV wall mounts . By mounting the sound bar mount to one of our full-motion TV mounts, you can turn the sound along with your TV and create a true home cinema environment in your own living room.  

A soundbar mount from Vogel's fits virtually any sound bar brand, such as LG, Bose, Heos, Samsung, JBL and more. Yet another benefit is that the soundbar mounts not only fit to virtually every TV mount from Vogel's , but also to TV mounts from other brands. This allows you to integrate your sound bar seamlessly in your existing TV set-up. One major advantage of choosing a Vogel's TV mount is that the cables can be hidden away neatly in the arm of the TV wall mount. And with the matching accessories , you can mount everything together seamlessly with all the cables out of sight.