Your Sonos deserves the best!

Upgrade your Sonos with a Sonos floor stand from Vogel's

Your Sonos® speaker will always be at the right place with the best sound and with no cables in sight!

Everyone has their own personal preferences. But we at Vogel's prefer a tidy sideboard and the best experience, whether that concerns acoustics or appearance. We also can't stand messy cables and we're sure you feel the same way. A familiar story? Then be sure to read more about our solutions for your Sonos speakers.

Place your Sonos on a Sonos floor stand

Simply placing your Sonos speaker on the sideboard is one option but did you know that if you position it at ear height, you can improve the acoustics by up to 50%? And your sideboard stays nice and tidy or has room for something else! When you use a stand for your Sonos speakers, it immediately gives you more flexibility in deciding where to place them. You can instantly move your Sonos floor stand to a different position in your living room. Convenient for that party or movie evening with friends!

SONOS speaker stand
SONOS speaker stand

But where do my cables go?

We hear that question a lot... When you choose a Vogel's speaker stand, you certainly won't be bothered by messy cables. There is an extra cable built into our speaker stands that is a perfect fit for your Sonos speaker. As well as the ideal listening height and positioning, the stand also has the perfect look.

Space-saving Sonos stands

In addition to placing your Sonos speaker on a floor stand, you can also mount it to the wall. Draw inspiration from our Sonos commercial and  Get more from your Sonos® wireless speakers .

Dedicated Sonos stands from Vogel's

Vogel’s has designed a special product range specifically for Sonos speakers, giving you a variety of options for placing your Sonos wireless speaker in your interior. As previously mentioned, we have a variety of Sonos floor stands. But would you prefer to mount your speaker to the wall? We also have a range of mounting solutions for this.

Would you like to see Vogel's entire product range? Take a look at all of the options for speaker mounts, floor stands and table stands.

Sonos PLAY:5 floor stand

A Sonos floor stand especially for larger Sonos speakers, such as the PLAY:5. 

  1. SOUND 3305 Speaker Stand (black)

    SOUND 3305 Speaker Stand (black)

    Raise large multi-room speakers to ear level. Fits HEOS 5 & 7 and Sonos PLAY:5.

Sonos PLAY:1 and PLAY:3 floor stands

A Sonos floor stand that allows you to place your PLAY:1 or PLAY:3 speaker wherever you like.

  1. SOUND 4301 Speaker Stand for SONOS PLAY:1 (white)

    SOUND 4301 Speaker Stand for SONOS PLAY:1 (white)

    Raise your Sonos speakers to ear level. Comes with integrated power cord.

Sonos speaker mounts for the wall

Prefer to mount your Sonos PLAY:1 or PLAY:3 to the wall?

  1. SOUND 4203 Speaker Wall Mount for SONOS PLAY:3 (black)

    SOUND 4203 Speaker Wall Mount for SONOS PLAY:3 (black)

    The universal solution to improve the acoustics in your home, for surround speakers and smaller hi-fi speakers.