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Full-Motion TV Wall Mount
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    Full-motion TV wall mount with unmatched design

    With the TV wall mounts from the SIGNATURE series, you bring an absolute design statement into your home. Choose from motorized or manual movement for the operation of this unique TV wall mount. You can turn it up to 120° for maximum viewing pleasure. The TV wall mount is suitable for screens from 40 to 77 inches in size and with a maximum weight of 35 kg.

    Motorized TV wall mount

    The SIGNATURE motorized TV Wall Mount is the absolute top model from Vogel's. The motorized TV wall mount (TVM7675) automatically turns toward you when you turn on your TV. You can operate the wall mount via Siri Voice Control (Siri shortcuts), app or remote control.

    Manual TV wall mount

    With the DesignMount TV wall mount from the SIGNATURE series, you bring an absolute design statement into your home. With TVm 7655 you turn even a 77 inch screen smoothly with Smooth OneFinger™ Movement thanks to coated bearings and precision steel shafts.

    Comfortable TV viewing from any angle

    All SIGNATURE Series TV wall mounts feature an ingenious 4-arm mechanism, with long, strong support arms. This gives the TV wall mount a large forward movement range and allows you to move your TV forward as much as 72 cm. Ideal for mounting in a cabinet or alcove.

    Ultimate safety

    These TV wall mounts are TÜV certified and therefore meet the most stringent safety requirements. The wall mounts are tested up to three times their maximum weight capacity. So, your precious TV is mounted incredibly securely on the wall.