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Experience gaming at an even higher level. This monitor arm is ideal for any passionate gamer. Game in any position. Go for quick reaction. And enjoy ultimate gaming focus. The Vogel's MOMO is perfect for any gamer. The flexible, functional monitor arm is easy to attach to your desk or wall. Because of the flexibility it gives your monitor, you create the ultimate range of motion. Perfect for a game of Apex Legends or Dota 2.

  • Modular design for customisable gaming set-ups
  • Strong, durable monitor arm thanks to high-quality materials
  • Simple installation with supplied allen key

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Flexible monitor for superior gaming experience

The MOMO monitor arm from Vogel's is flexible in use and easy to install. For the optimal gaming setup, choose from the MOMO arm for 1 monitor or the MOMO arm for 2 monitors. Depending on your ideal setup. With 2 monitors side by side, you switch seamlessly from your discord chat to your game, for example.  

Swiveling and adjustable height

Whether you sit upright for competitive games or lean back relaxed, the MOMO monitor arm adapts to any posture. This is because the MOMO Motion series is easy to swivel and is height-adjustable. They are suitable for screens up to 43 inches and have a carrying weight of up to 20 kg per arm. 

Swiveling and adjustable height

MOMO Gaming | Vogel's

Gaming in the right ergonomic position? Or would you rather sit back and relax? With a MOMO monitor arm, it doesn't matter what position you sit or stand in. This is because the MOMO Motion series is easy to swivel and is height-adjustable. They are suitable for screens up to 43 inches and have a carrying weight of up to 20 kg per arm.

Sleek design for your gaming setup

MOMO Gaming

Mount MOMO to your desk or wall. MOMO's sleek design in white or black fits seamlessly into your gaming environment. Only the best materials have been used. Unremarkable at first glance, but as soon as your eye catches it, you see the high-quality and modern look. 

The safest choice for any monitor

MOMO Gaming

Despite its minimalist design, the monitor support is sturdy and robust. As the first monitor arm with TÜV-3 certification, MOMO is the only one of its kind. What does this mean specifically? MOMO has been tested at up to 3 times its maximum load weight. Moreover, you avoid cable breakage and damage to the wall and monitor thanks to a 180° rotation stop.  

Make the most of every advantage

Control room | Vogel's

With its wide range of movement and flexible handling, MOMO supports you during every gaming session. Take advantage of that. Improve your speed, create greater visibility and stay focused.  

Easy installation with 3 advantages

Allen key supplied

Integrated Allen key | Vogel's

Installing MOMO is a breeze. With the included allen key, you have all the tools you need at hand. With the allen key, you can easily attach the table clamp to the desktop. Still prefer MOMO on the wall? Then a drill is essential. 

One-click top-down installation

Fixed with just one click | Vogel's

The VESA adapter included can be mounted to your monitor with a single click. And you can also remove the monitor with a single click. Easy when changing monitors, for example. 

Integrated cable management system.

Cable management system | Vogel's

Loose cables on your desk only create turmoil and mess. Luckily, with the integrated cable management system for MOMO, you will neatly tidy them away. There is room for 4 thick cables held in place by stainless steel clips.  

Why a Vogel's MOMO?

Quality, design and durability can be seen everywhere in Vogel's products. We choose high-quality materials for our products to give them a long lifespan. Moreover, MOMO packaging is 100% recyclable.