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The best gaming setup: this is how it looks

Use the right game monitor and support

For the ultimate gaming experience, the best monitor is the key. You have chosen it with care for the sharpest possible image and a size that gives you the best results. But just as important for the best gaming setup is the monitor arm the screen sits on. We would like provide some information and give you some tips.

The heart of your game setup: game monitor

MOMO Gaming

What your game monitor should provide depends on the games you play. First, you look at the resolution. What do you need when you play competitively? A smaller screen with Full HD may be enough. If the screen gets bigger than 27 inches then you already want a higher resolution. Ideal for Open World games or Strategy games.

For shooters or games where responsiveness matters, game monitors with at least 144Hz or perhaps 165Hz are the best option. The refresh rate is faster.

The mainstay of your gaming setup: the monitor arm

MOMO gaming

Your gaming setup is supported by a monitor mount. The very best for your game monitor, of course. A good monitor arm offers both stability and flexibility. Sitting upright or leaning back, with the right support you will always have comfort.

With MOMO, the Vogel's monitor arm, you can easily adjust the height and angle of your screen. This ensures an ergonomic gaming experience. You play more comfortably and efficiently.

Benefits of a flexible monitor arm with a game monitor

Optimal reaction speed

MOMO 2127 | Vogel's

Setting the right monitor height and angle contribute to fast response during gaming. MOMO easily adapts to your needs. This way, you always respond in time in your games.

Comfort for hours of gaming pleasure

Mount MOMO to the wall | Vogel's

The flexible use of the MOMO monitor arm means you always sit in a comfortable position. The game monitor arm is height-adjustable, tiltable and can be rotated. No more stiff neck or tired eyes.

Flexible game setup

MOMO2155 | Vogel's

MOMO makes your game setup flexible and modular. With the right accessories, you also easily expand the setup from 1 monitor to a game setup with 2 monitors.

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Other essential supplies

Of course, besides a good monitor and monitor arm, the right chair and desk will also support your gaming setup. Moreover, complete your gaming experience with great sound with the right headset or speakers.
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Mount MOMO to your desk or wall
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Expand your gaming setup with 1 or 2 monitors
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Easily adjustable in height
Card image
Easily mount your monitor to the adapter
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Install with supplied allen key

Ready, set, go

Ready for the next step for your gaming setup? Purchase the flexible MOMO monitor arm from Vogel's. Perfect for any game setup. Upgrade now.

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