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WALL series - full-motion

WALL series - full-motion

WALL series - full-motion

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S 19-43"
Max 15 kg
M 32-55"
Max 20 kg
L 40-65"
Max 30 kg
XL 55-100"
Max 55 kg
Motion (up to 120°)
Forward and turning motion (up to 120°)
Full motion (up to 180°)
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    Experience the best view anywhere in the room

    Regardless of which television you wish to mount, there is a great chance that you will find a suitable full-motion wall mount. Because within the large assortment of Vogel's WALL series, there is bound to be a full-motion wall mount suitable for your television! You can turn and tilt your TV so it has the ideal position, allowing you to comfortably watch television. Without screen glare or flares, because you can simply turn these away. You use the full-motion WALL intuitively, and thanks to the supple hinge this TV wall mount easily reacts to your corrections.

    The Quality Signature

    Choosing a Vogel's WALL means selecting a solid contemporary mount with big possibilities for today and tomorrow. Easily supporting the smallest as well as the biggest of screens, from kitchen to home cinema. What's more: its quality has been thoroughly tested: WALL keeps performing as new, even after 5,000 movements and years of going back and forth. All part of 'The Quality Signature' by Vogel's, giving you the best of: reliability, design, innovation, ease-of-use.

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