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Optimise your viewing and listening experience with Vogel’s accessories

Vogel’s accessories

Have you just hung up a new TV with a Vogel’s mount? Then complete your setup with our high-quality accessories, designed to take any home theatre to the next level. Find out how to not only save space, but also elegantly enhance your viewing experience. Here is a list of our accessories.  

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Vogel’s accessories with benefits

  • Cable cover: perfect for neatly hiding cables coming from under the TV

  • Back cover: the cover plate is ideal for hiding cables behind the TV

  • Soundbar mount: hang your soundbar from a TV mount so that it can move with your TV

  • Stud adapter: use this adapter to mount your TV on a hollow wall

  • Oehlbach HDMI cables: enrich your viewing experience with an HDMI cable

Cable management at its best

After hanging up your TV, you naturally don’t want to see a tangle of cables. A cable cover from Vogel’s is the ideal solution to hide your cables neatly and almost invisibly. Easy to install and fits perfectly with any interior style. Available in several colours.

Hide cables behind your TV with the back cover

The Vogel’s TV back cover is ideal for covering all cables and connectors at the back of your TV. Works especially well with a full-motion TV wall mount. It ensures you don’t see any messy cables when you pull the TV forward or rotate it. The accessories are also easy to retrofit. 

Soundbar mount for a superb sound experience

Do you have a soundbar to take your sound experience to the next level? Then you will of course want it to fit nicely and move with your TV once you have hung them both up. Mount the soundbar directly under your TV mount with a Vogel’s soundbar mount. This allows you to combine optimum sound with a sleek look. Perfect for home cinema enthusiasts who value both function and form. 

Stud adapter for mounting on a hollow wall

TVA 6950 | Vogel's

A hollow wall doesn’t have to stop you from hanging your TV. Our stud adapter is the perfect solution to securely mount the TV. This adapter ensures secure mounting even in places you might not have thought possible. 

Oehlbach HDMI cables

Oehlbach | Vogel's Consumer Benelux

Upgrade your home entertainment system with Oehlbach HDMI cables that offer 4K support. Perfect for streaming high-definition content, these cables ensure impeccable picture quality and durability. Perfect for a movie night with friends or a loved one.  

Enhance your AV equipment with Vogel’s accessories

These accessories from Vogel’s ensure that your TV and audiovisual equipment are not only functional, but also match the aesthetics of the rest of your interior. As with our TV wall mounts, our accessories are made of high-quality, sturdy materials. This means you can enjoy your AV setup for a long time.  
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TV back cover
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Cable cover
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