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Kitchen TV mount | Vogel's

Kitchen TV Mount

Get the most out of your TV in the kitchen

A kitchen serves a different purpose in every home. For instance, your family practically lives in the kitchen. Or your kitchen is the meeting place to catch up with friends and enjoy a meal. In all these moments of use a TV often plays a big role.

Thinking about adding a TV in your kitchen? Or do you already have one? An extra TV in your kitchen offers so many advantages. But how do you get the most out of your kitchen TV? We believe the best way is to mount it on the wall. Here are our best reasons to use a TV wall mount.

Function meets ease of use

For many families, the kitchen is the centre of their home. When using a TV in the kitchen, safety comes first, of course. But smart use of space is also important. And how handy is it if you can see your TV from everywhere in the room?

That is why TV brackets in the kitchen are popular. Especially TV brackets for smaller screens with a combination of a turn and tilt functionality.

3 reasons for using a kitchen TV wall bracket

1. TV bracket for optimal use of your TV

Do you love to cook and not miss your favourite TV programme? Or is the kitchen the meeting place for your family at home? In either case you'll want to easily turn the TV towards you, no matter where in the kitchen you are working or active.

2. More space with your TV mounted on the wall

A TV in your kitchen is always a good idea, but often the space in your kitchen is already fully utilised. You can't fit a TV on a cabinet or a worktop. Hanging your TV on a mount and tilting it towards you saves a lot of space. And with your TV a little higher on the wall, you also prevent it from getting dirty from cooking splatters.

3. Keep your TV safe in the kitchen

In many cases, the kitchen is the centre of the home. Of course, safety is paramount, especially with children playing or pets roaming around. Mounting your TV on a TV wall mount provides extra safety. It's a reassuring thought that the TV cannot be pulled over and cables are safely tucked away.

Why choose a Vogel's TV wall bracket?

  • Always the perfect fit for your size TV and brand

  • Your TV stylish on the wall

  • Safety comes first! All mounts tested at three times the maximum weight, and TÜV certified

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