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OLED TV Wall Mount in living room | Vogel's

Get the most out of your LG OLEDGX TV

Full-motion wall mount for LG OLED55GX and LG OLED65GX

To make your LG OLEDGX the showpiece of the living room, mount it on the wall. Such an elegant and precious item deserves a product that fits seamlessly. Vogel's designed TV brackets to show off your LG OLEDGX to its best advantage.

You'll still enjoy the ultra-slim design and be sure that with our TV mounts your OLED is safely mounted on the wall. Discover the best options for you.

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Did you buy an LG OLEDGX TV? Make your viewing experience complete with the perfect full-motion wall mount!

With the ultra-thin LG OLED GX, you are bringing a phenomenal OLED 4K TV into your home. Phenomenal in terms of viewing experience and design, as the TV has a depth of only 19.9 mm. Of course you want to enjoy that to the fullest from all corners of the room. The special Vogel's LG OLEDGX Full-Motion Wall mount ensures optimal enjoyment of your LG OLED55GX, LG OLED65GX and other models.

TV Wall Mount for your LG TV

What makes your LG OLEDGX so special is the ultra-thin housing of only 19.9 mm. This naturally deserves a Full-Motion Wall Mount that is also ultra slim and strong, so you can mount your TV even closer to the wall. The good news is that such TV mounts exist: the ELITE Full-Motion OLED Wall Mount.

Always the best solution for your OLED TV

Vogel's is the number one specialist in OLED TV wall mounts. Our employees are deeply driven by perfection. And that shows. Quality, ease of use, safety and design are seamlessly combined in every product we develop.

Whatever OLED TV you own, with Vogel's you are always assured of the best solution.

Vogel's. For sure.

Convenient tool: always the right TV mount

Whatever type of TV you bought, Vogel's always has a suitable wall mount for you. Simply use our advice tool. Enter the model number of your TV and your desired functionality. And you'll immediately see all of the suitable mounts.

You can also search without entering the model number of your TV or the functionality. But if you enter the model number, we can give you more specific advice.

Why choose a full-motion Vogel's wall mount?

Your LG GX series TV is ultra thin and therefore extremely fragile. You will certainly want to minimise the risk of damaging it. You do this by mounting your screen as flat and stable as possible against the wall. This applies to both the LG OLED77G26 and the LG OLED83G26 .

With a full-motion Vogel's Wall Mount, your TV screen is flush against the wall. Enjoy the comfort of watching TV from every corner.

TÜV-3 safety

The wall bracket is firmly attached, so it can never topple over. In fact, Vogel's TV brackets are TÜV-3 tested, which means they can handle 3 times the maximum weight.

And it's securely fastened, so it will never fall down. Mounting it on the wall is the safest way to enjoy your LG OLED G2 TV with a Vogel's wall mount. And let's face it, it's the best-looking way too!

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