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Share your opinion for a chance to win a TV, tablet or Vogel’s product!

Win a gift!

An honest, good review helps you and other customers to make the right choice. We need your input for that to happen. After all, you've already purchased a Vogel’s product. What do you think of it? Was it easy to install? And was it what you expected? Let us and others know what you think of the product for a chance to win a TV, tablet or Vogel’s product.

How to participate

Taking part is very easy! Write a review about a product you bought from us by going to the 'reviews' tab. You are then automatically included.

Good luck with writing your review!

How to participate

  • One winner will be announced each quarter;

  • The winner will be notified personally;

  • You can choose a TV, tablet or Vogel’s product;

  • The maximum value of your new product is 449 euros;

  • Vogel’s pays your invoice for your TV, tablet or Vogel’s product;

  • The promotion runs until 31 December 2024.

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