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    Mount your TV like a painting on the wall
    Would you like to mount your valuable TV safely and stylishly like a painting on the wall? If so, a COMFORT Fixed TV wall mount is exactly what you need. This wall mount is specially designed for lively homes. Your TV will be mounted tight, firm and safe. The space between the TV and the wall is only 2.2 cm.

    Stylishly mount your TV on the wall
    A COMFORT Fixed TV wall mount allows you to show off the slim design of your TV. Your TV will be mounted stylishly, beautifully and tight against the wall.

    Your TV couldn't be more secure
    COMFORT Fixed TV wall mounts are equipped with ClickLoc™. This safety system lets you know that your TV is securely fastened with an audible click. In addition, all TV wall mounts are TÜV certified and tested to three times their maximum weight capacity. Your TV couldn't be more secure. There's a good reason that you get a 10-year warranty.

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