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The best materials | Vogel's

Choose a solution you can be sure of

When you are looking for an accessory to complete your valued AV equipment, not just anything will do. You choose only the solution you can be sure of. You choose high-quality materials. Products made with respect for people and the planet.

Products that are easy to install, and intuitive to use. That keep your equipment safe and hanging level. With first-class service and support too. A solution that suits you and your TV perfectly.

Vogel’s. For Sure.

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Best materials

We make no concessions on quality. You want an exceedingly strong, solid and durable product. This is why quality sets the tone at Vogel’s at every step of the design process. We use high-quality materials. Such as carbon steel, epoxy-powder coatings and PTFE-coated bearings.

We design and test every component in-house. So that you can be 100% sure of the best materials.

Strong and safe

Every Vogel’s product is tested for the highest standards of safety, strength and durability. We employ extremely generous safety margins. The maximum weight our TV mounts can support is in reality 3 times greater than we state in the technical specifications.

We even test products for the professional market for up to 5 times the maximum stated weight.Virtually every Vogel’s product has TÜV certification. An independent guarantee that you are buying an absolutely safe product.

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Future proof design

If you need an accessory for your expensive AV equipment, first is not necessarily best. You want a mounting solution that is the perfect answer to all your wishes. Right down to the smallest detail. It does not really matter if you are a consumer, installer or business user. At Vogel’s we have you all covered. Your needs determine every step of the product development process.

Vogel’s products all have timeless designs. They are not just a perfect match for the equipment, but they also suit any interior or business environment. We call that future-proof design.

Respecting people and planet

We all want products in our homes that have been made with respect for people and our world. Values that we at Vogel’s share with you. So we scrutinize the sources of raw materials.

And maintain strict environmental guidelines for the manufacturing processes, in line with international agreements.

The best way to conserve raw materials is to make high-quality products. We extend the life cycle of every Vogel’s product through the use of high-quality materials and strict testing.

As a family company, we also strive for optimum working conditions for our employees and production partners. We more than meet industrial requirements for working conditions, human rights, health and safety set by the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

Ease of installation | Vogel's

Ease of installation

Every product is designed for quick assembly. Even so, sometimes you might need a little extra support. Especially in B2B environments where installation challenges are bigger and more complex. We offer the service and support you need. From on-site advice to customised drawings: we do everything we can to simplify installation.

We simplify installation for consumers too. All the necessary fixing materials for the most common situations are included with the mount. Just like the crystal-clear instructions of course.

Vogel’s also provides installation videos and a special Augmented Reality app with which you can simply mark the first hole to be drilled.

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Great service and support

Your satisfaction means everything to us. Which is why you will receive all the support and service you need. Should the necessary installation materials for your specific TV not be included, then Vogel’s will supply them. Just drop us an email, call, or contact us through social media.

As a professional installer, you can count on maximum support too. If necessary, we will even provide on-site advice. In the case of complex video wall projects, for example. Our engineers and product designers have extensive experience with these kinds of projects and are glad to help with expert advice.

Leading the way since 1973

You know what you are getting from Vogel's. Design, convenience, innovation, reliability and ease of installation. Each and every one, marks of quality offered by Vogel’s. Since 1973. With Vogel’s you are not just getting a mounting solution.

You are getting the assurance of the best solution. Vogel's. For Sure.

With Vogel's you choose certainty!

We always have a suitable solution for you. Whether it's a solution on the wall at your home, or a solution for a large installation project.

You also choose the certainty of the best partner.

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