XXL Wall Mounts

6000 Series: for XXL displays from 40 kg up to 227 kg

When mounting a display that is heavier or bigger than average, you must be certain to use the correct mounting system. Vogel's offers a range of display wall mounts for displays of different weight classes, which are also handy for positioning in a recess or corner.

Vogel's powerhouses

The heavyweights among wall mounts. Robust yet flexible. The XXL series offers a range of display wall mounts, each with its own specific features. The heaviest displays can still be rotated and tilted easily and can even be rotated from landscape to portrait perspective in a simple movement.


Everything you need for installation is supplied in the box, ensuring that you have everything to hand. The mounting materials are of the highest quality. Not only are the wall mounts suitable for the heaviest displays but the mounting materials are also specially selected for purpose.

XXL Wall Mounts

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