Video wall solutions

As a professional, you want to be able to install a video wall quickly and easily. Its assembly demands perfection: All screens must be seamlessly connected, even in an environment that is not perfect. That's why our video wall solutions are thoughtfully designed. You can easily align each display on the X, Y and Z axes, and after installation the displays remain easily accessible for maintenance.

Complete video wall solutions

To make things easy for you, below you will find an overview of already complete video wall mounting solutions.

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Absen dvLED displays attached to a Vogel's video videowall
Barco dvLED video wall
Dahua dvLED video wall
Hikvision dvLED video wall
InfiLED dvLED video wall
NEC dvLED video wall
Philips dvLED video wall
Samsung dvLED video wall
SBC dvLED video wall
Unilumin dvLED video wall