Monitor Mounts

The Vogel’s monitor mount provides the perfect solution for a flexible workplace. Both at home and at the office. Thanks to the flexible nature of the mount, you can adjust the monitor exactly to your preference. Install the monitor mount on the wall or desk and choose a solution for one or more displays. Vogel’s has the solution for every (home) work situation. 

  • Turn, tilt and rotate your monitor in any direction 
  • Flexible viewing height 
  • Easy to install 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • 5-year warranty 

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MOMO® - the monitor mount that works everywhere.

Vogel's MOMO monitor mounts facilitate installing one or more monitors on your desk. They are rotatable, tiltable and height-adjustable. Monitor mounts can be attached to your desk in a variety of ways. Is there no way to mount them on your desk? The monitor mounts can also be attached to a wall.

  • Height-adjustable
  • Suitable for one, two or multiple monitors
  • Suitable for monitors up to 43 inches
  • Easy to assemble without tools
  • Flexible modular system
  • TÜV certified / 10-year guarantee

MOMO Motion+

If you need to adjust your monitor's height frequently, use one of the MOMO Motion+ mounts. They feature a smooth spring system that allows you to effortlessly move your monitor to any position. OneFinger™ Movement.

If you do not need to adjust the height of your monitor as often, choose one of the MOMO Motion mounts. They can be easily adjusted without the use of tools.

MOMO Accessories

 The modular MOMO system includes numerous accessories to expand your MOMO monitor mount. All accessories are designed to be easily and quickly integrated.

MOMO Components

The modular MOMO system includes numerous components to create your perfect MOMO monitor mount. All components are designed to be easily and quickly combined to create your unique monitor mount solution. Configure, click, rotate and install for a beautiful end result.