Video wall in Artis Micropia

Mounted with Vogel's video wall mount

An impressively large video wall

Micropia is a museum located in Amsterdam. It is the only museum in the world that makes invisible micro-organisms visible. Micropia teaches visitors about the benefits of bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi. To make these microscopic organisms clearly visible, the museum is equipped with an enormous video wall.

We are proud that Vogel's, along with Philips Signage Solutions, was able to contribute to this project. The wall features 70 pop-out modules (PFW 6870). These are the best wall mount supports for this huge construction, because they allow maintenance and repair work to be carried out on individual screens.

This impressive video wall supports the museum's educational mission and is an outstanding visualisation of the project's aim: Micropia makes the invisible visible!

Photography by Meike Hansen.

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