TabLock Floor Dedicated

Elegant holders for iPads or Galaxy Tabs

Tablets are used in professional settings just about everywhere. They can be used to supply information in museums, for example, to register as a visitor at a reception desk or to browse product catalogues at trade fairs. The possibilities are endless. But how can you mount your iPad or Galaxy Tab and prevent damage or theft of your valuable device? Vogel's offers the safe and secure TabLock enclosure with various positioning options.

Secure and professional use in public spaces

The TabLock casing prevents damage and theft of your iPad or Galaxy Tab without compromising functionality. You can decide yourself what functions users can access, including whether or not the home button is accessible. The TabLock can be mounted on the floor using the Vogel's floor stand.

A floor stand is easy to position

The advantage of floor mounting is that you can place the tablet wherever you like in the room - you are no longer dependent upon available wall space (drilling options), tables or other furniture. The floor stand is 1 metre in height and has a tilting tablet mount (0-90°). This allows the position of the display to be easily adjusted, so that anyone can operate the tablet with ease. The stand can also be set at a fixed position.


A cable guiding system is integrated into the aluminium pole on the table stand. This keeps cables neatly tucked away and an angled connector (not supplied) also allows the charger cable to be stored inside the TabLock.

TabLock mounting

The TabLock is mounted to the floor stand from the inside of the casing. This creates a secure attachment that can only be released when the TabLock is opened.

A TabLock for virtually any iPad or Galaxy Tab

The iPad or Galaxy Tab is easily inserted into the casing and held in place without causing damage. The TabLock holder is made from 3 mm steel and high-quality aluminium.

iPad/Galaxy Tab operating options

TabLock is available in two versions - with or without access to the home button. By making the home button inaccessible, users have only limited access to the tablet. They are unable to open or close any applications, so you can be certain that the tablet will not be used for other purposes. A pinhole opening allows the tablet to be switched on and off and the volume to be adjusted.

Lock & Key

The TabLock casing can be fully locked using the Lock & Key system. The lock is integrated into the casing and most locks share a common key. This allows the operator to open various TabLocks using a single key.

TabLock floor stands and TabLock wall mounts are also available. Do you have a different tablet model? Vogel's also offers the Universal TabLock, which is suitable for most tablets up to 10 inches.

TabLock Floor Dedicated

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