Stainless steel floorstand

Unlimited mounting options

Vogel's Connect-it is a modular and multi-functional system that allows displays to be mounted in various different ways. The possibilities are endless and offer a suitable solution for any situation. Connect-it components are simple, quick to install and easy to secure.

Connect-it: one modular system for ceilings, walls and floors

The various Vogel's Connect-it mounting components allow displays to be mounted on the ceiling, wall or floor. A limited number of Connect-it components allows you to securely mount one or more displays on the floor or on a mobile trolley.

Flexible in any situation

If you want to ensure your displays are perfectly mounted in any situation, a flexible mounting system is essential. Sometimes the solution is simple, but from time to time the circumstances call for a little extra. The Connect-it range features a variety of components, providing a solution to every situation. A floor stand can be expanded with a number of accessories, allowing equipment to be attached to the stand.

Connect-it kits

To make things even easier, kit packages are also available. This means that you only need to order a single item to be sure that your order is complete. Mounting materials are also supplied.

Displays easy to (dis)mount and adjust

The base on which all displays are mounted is the horizontal interface plate. Displays are mounted on this plate by means of an interface strip. Both the interface plates and strips are available in various lengths, making them suitable for virtually any display.

Theft prevention

The automatic locking system ensures that the interface strips click easily and securely into the interface plate. You will hear an audible click and you can then be sure that the display is secured in the correct way. The interface strips can also be fitted with a padlock (optional) as an additional theft prevention measure.

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Product consists of:

PFF 1560 Display Floor Stand
PFA 9148 Turn Unit for Display Floor Stand