Projector lift systems

Out of sight and theft-resistant

Conveniently store a projector when not in use? The ceiling offers a convenient storage space. This is the ideal solution in many conference rooms, boardrooms and auditoriums. Tucked away inside a suspended ceiling, yet easy to operate with a remote control or wall-mounted control.

Precise projection

The projector lift system can be set to different positions. All of these positions can be set with extreme precision, placing the projector in exactly the right position each time it is used. Two or four memory positions are available, depending on the projector lift model. Set the position once and you never need to bother with it again! The projector lift system can be seamlessly integrated into the ceiling using special cover plates.

Powerful motor

The extremely quiet lift motor is barely audible and ensures powerful service without fail. Even with large, heavy, 100 kg projectors. Its simple and reliable operation ensures effortless use during every presentation, as well as hassle-free storage.


Product consists of: