PFA 9015 Pole Black

  • Back-to-back solution possible
  • Also suitable for sloped ceilings
The PFA 9015 80 cm extension tube can be used to mount LCD/Plasma TV's and/or projectors to the ceiling (in combination with other modular parts). The PFA 9015 80 cm extension tube (with an external diameter of 60 mm) is part of a modular system which enables you to create your own ceiling mounting solution for LCD/Plasma TV's and/or projectors.You can easily insert and attache this extension tube to one of the ceiling mounting plates (PFA 9005/ 9019/ 9020) or the truss adapter (PFA 9009). As a next step you can attach one or more turn & tilt units (PFA 9001/ 9002) or a projector interface (VPC 545, PPC 200).The PFA 9015 contains the fast Cable Inlay System, which enables you to hide all the cables in a matter of seconds. Since it's made of aluminium, the tube can easily be cut to length if necessary.

PFA 9015 Pole Black

This product has been discontinued

Specifications For PFA 9015 Pole Black

EAN single box
PFW 9000 Series
5 years
Pole length (mm)
800 mm
Max. weight load (kg)

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