Dedicated wall mount supports

for LED video walls

Led technologie improved

LED technology is increasingly being used on streets and in other public places. It is also becoming more common for LED panels to be used to build video walls. This has become a popular use due to improved LED resolution quality and the endless opportunities for expanding a video wall without a frame.  to continue. 

Did you know...

Over the past 3 years, this market has grown by more than 200% and steady growth is expected.

Improved technology

Pixel pitch is becoming smaller and smaller, leading to substantial improvements in the image quality of LED panels. Even at close range, the image remains sharp and clear.   

The cost of LED panels is decreasing

Due to rising market demand, the number of panel suppliers is growing, resulting in less expensive LED panels. A faster and more efficient production process is also contributing to the drop in price.

Wall mount supports for LED panels

The number of LED panels that can be connected to each other is endless, meaning that there is no standard size for an LED video wall.

The PLW 1001 LED video wall mounts 2 types of LED tiles. The PLW Series is available in various standard configurations (1x2, 2x2, 1x3 and 2x3). By connecting these LED wall mounts together, a wide range of options for configurations can be created for a video wall.

The wall mounts are available for the Leyard TWA and TW Series and for the Philips 55BDL9018L and 55BDL9025 tiles.


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