What we stand for

Feeling 100% Vogel's

We create the best wall mounts and accessories, but we cannot take this for granted. Competitors and customers always expect us to exceed their expectations.

We believe that our customers and consumers deserve value for money. To maintain our position as market leader we need to embrace a corporate culture that revolves around improving, innovating and getting things done.


Sparks the brain

Discover new possibilities. We believe that improvement is always possible. Our curiosity drives us to keep searching for new challenges and opportunities. Don’t wait, just go for it. That’s how we will stay ahead.



Gets you going

Positive thoughts and deeds. We combine a positive outlook with a keen eye for opportunities. We meet problems and challenges with solutions. Sometimes this demands making changes to get there. An optimistic perspective is more effective. That’s how we move forward.


Helps you understand

Open and sensitive. Customer, colleague and partner: we make life easier for you. Our products are both simple and easy to use. Collaboration works best if we keep an open mind and show empathy to others.

Why you want to work at Vogel's

Not only do we work together at Vogel's on innovative and surprising products, but also on a pleasant and safe working environment. A place where you feel comfortable and where you can perform optimally. You will be challenged to push your boundaries and you in turn may challenge Vogel's with your innovative ideas and ambitions.