Connect-it trolley black

Easy-to-move trolleys

When a display configuration is used for multiple applications, in different rooms or by different users, for example, it's useful if the set-up can be moved easily and safely. Not only should it be equipped with wheels but the mobile construction must also be sturdy and stable.

Display mounting

A display is mounted on the trolley by means of an interface plate and interface strips. A suitable solution exists for virtually any display. We also supply storage accessories that can be mounted on the trolley for the storage of IT and AV equipment. This makes the entire unit as compact as possible.

Dual theft prevention

When the display is placed on the trolley, the connection is automatically locked. The display remains securely in position and is protected against unauthorised removal when this optional lock is used. The connection can be further secured through the use of an additional lock (not included), if required.

Specially designed for studios and stages

The lowered trolley is designed specifically for use on stages or in studios. The display can tilted by up to 60° (backwards), allowing you to read from it with ease when standing.

What's your ideal set-up? Consult the PRO-AV MOUNT ADVISOR


Product consists of: