PUC 24xx with interface black

An almost endless amount of mounting options

Vogel's Connect-it is a modular and multi-functional system that allows displays to be mounted in different ways. The options are endless and a solution is possible for any situation. Connect-it components are quick and easy to install and secure.

Connect-it: one modular system for wall, floor and ceiling

Using its various mounting components, Vogel's Connect-it allows displays to be positioned on the floor and ceiling, as well as on the wall. With just a limited number of Connect-it components, you can mount displays on any ceiling, above eye level and out of reach of unauthorised persons.

A ceiling mount must be easy to install, but this is not the only consideration when choosing a mounting system. It must be possible to maintain and replace displays without having to completely dismantle the installation.

Connect-it kits

To make things easy, assembled kits are also available to order. This means that you only need to order a single item number to be certain that your order is complete. The installation materials are also included.

Installation/removal and adjustment of individual displays

The base on which the displays are mounted is the horizontal interface plate. Both the interface plates and strips are available in various lengths. Virtually any display can be mounted in this way. What's your ideal set-up? Consult the PRO-AV MOUNT ADVISOR

What's your ideal set-up? Consult the PRO-AV MOUNT ADVISOR


Product consists of: