50 years of Vogel’s

Vogel’s is proud to celebrate 50 years of innovation and quality

So much has changed in those 50 years! Everybody’s way of living has transformed, with exciting new ways of working, learning, and socialising. Interior styles have come and gone. And the world of audio visual equipment has seen a true revolution.

But some things never change - like our drive to find superior solutions. From the very beginning, innovation and quality have driven the Vogel’s family brand, and they always will.

Let’s look back at our rich history…

Our story begins…

It all started in 1973. Golden Earring's ‘Radar Love’ was blasting from speakers everywhere, and the very first stereo systems began to appear in our homes.

Speaker quality was getting better and better (just like the music!) but people didn’t know how to make the best of their newfound technology. They’d place speakers on the floor or on the windowsill - not ideal for the best listening experience.

Then along came Harry…

Harry Vogels was a true music lover who saw room for improvement. A chance for innovation. Why not hang speakers on the wall and then rotate them into the ideal position? Wouldn’t that give the listener the best sound?

So one night, while Harry was all alone at the dinner table, he began to sketch. He’s got it!

BEK 100 and Minor 5 speaker brackets | 50 years Vogel's BEK 100 and Minor 5 speaker brackets | 50 years Vogel's
Professional fair | 50 years Vogel's Professional fair | 50 years Vogel's

Introducing: the world's first speaker wall mount

Not long after, Harry’s idea was no longer simply a sketch, but a real, revolutionary new product. In his hands, Harry held the prototype of the world's first speaker mount: the BEK 100.

When the BEK 100 finally arrived on the market everything changed in the Vogel’s family home. The garage was turned into a small warehouse and the farm from Harry's parents became the assembly spot. Harry Vogels officially starts the business and establishes the Vogel’s brand.

The story continues

Inspired by the BEK 100's success and developments in the AV market, Harry wasn’t one to simply sit still. The market was asking for smaller speaker bracket so a new product, the Minor 5, was added. Shortly after, the first tv mount became reality and opened doors for export.

The Vogel’s company grew and grew, but has always remained a family business. People are still our priority, not numbers. And of course, our drive to innovate and deliver top quality.

We could write a book about the 50 years that followed Harry’s humble beginnings. The world and the zeitgeist change, the technological landscape transforming. But during all these years, in many ways, Vogel’s has stayed the same - always at the forefront of the market. Our customers continue to rely on our latest solutions and products.

The years bring us a lot of good things: iconic products, wonderful awards, committed employees and partners. And a rich timeline full of highlights…

A timeline of innovation

1973: the world's first speaker wall mount
The Vogel’s company is born with the BEK 100.

1978: the first TV wall mount
Five years after the BEK 100, the first TV wall mount is introduced, allowing customers to place their TV on the wall and turn it in any direction. A revolutionary idea at the time!

1978: Vogel’s goes international
Vogel’s takes its first steps outside the Netherlands – improving the entertainment experience of happy customers across Germany. After Germany other countries followed. In 1984, we launch our products in the United States, followed by many countries world wide.

1991: the TV ceiling mount
A new breakthrough: the introduction of the TV ceiling mount in the early 1990s, which remains a popular choice in the market today.

1996: first modular AV mounting system
World, meet the Evolution Series: the first modular system integrating TV, cable columns and audio and video equipment. A new standard for the industry.

2002: Vogel’s Professional Solutions
The growing business market requires specific solutions. That's why in 2002 we set up a special branch focused exclusively on the business of the professional market

2013: Connect-it
With Connect-it, Vogel’s brings a modular system to the Pro AV market for mounting displays and even video walls – transforming any wall, ceiling and floor solution with one system.

2017: Vogel’s acquires Marmitek
We’re proud to bring Marmitek into our family, a specialistof smart applications in audio and video.

2019: Europe's largest product development centre
After requiring a majority interest in SmartMetasls, Vogel’s opens Europe's largest product development centre, where product engineers and designers work together on Pro AV solutions.

2020: SmartMetals Mounting Solutions
Vogel’s acquires remaining shares SmartMetals Mounting Solutions and is now 100% owned by the Vogel’s Group. Product engineers, designers and product managers work together to develop solutions for professional applications and liftsystems.

2021: New series of TV mounts, sustainable packaging
Vogel’s revamps its range of TV mounts, introducing two new product lines, among others COMFORT. And also opens a new assembly plant in Culemborg, the Netherlands.

Our packaging is also revamped to be kinder to the planet, making things almsot 100% recyclable. This is also the year we published our first CSR annual report.

2022: New motorised display lifts
ELITE and SIGNATURE are the two new consumer ranges for 2022. For the professional market we worked on a new motorised series. We introduce the motorized RISE Series, our QuickRise ™ lift systems. It’s made of high quality materials, designed to make installation even easier for our customers.

50 years of Vogel’s family

After 50 years, we are still a family business, with an eye for people. Caring for the environment, quality conscious, future-oriented and reliable. And we still cherish the core values that our founder Harry Vogels stood for. It’s what makes us who we are.