130" LED wall and touch screen display trolley

Interactive enhancement of head office

Vanilia | Corporate | Retail

The Dutch fashion brand Vanilia is known for its exclusive, timeless and durable garments with a businesslike charming look. The entire production process is carried out at the head office in Wormerveer; from design, styling and fitting to testing the clothing in our own workshop.

The challenges

  • Vanilia was looking for a large screen for its showroom on which to display corporate films, presentations of new collections, etc.
  • Vanilia also wanted to have a mobile solution for interactive courses and training sessions.

The solutions

  • The audiovisual specialists of A.V.V. Zaanstad chose to mount a beautiful 130-inch LG All-in-One LED wall on the wall using Vogel's unique LED wall interface.
  • For the interactive training sessions, a 75-inch LG Ultra HD Touch screen was chosen. This is neatly mounted on a Vogel's Connect-it trolley with double pole, especially for large and heavy displays.

The outcome

  • The showroom's impressive LED wall is more than 3 x 1.5 metres in size. Both the picture quality and sound of this seamless video wall are outstanding and provide a total audiovisual experience.
  • The display trolley with touch screen offers a stable solution that is easy to move. This interactive presentation screen can be used in every room in the office.
  • The beautiful LG displays and Vogel's mounting products are a perfect, flexible and user-friendly combination.
We had the scoop: the first LG 130" LED wall installation directly on the wall with Vogel's products. The interface was easily made to measure. The beautiful LED wall was soon mounted tightly against the wall. The trolley was also quickly ready for use.

A.V.V Zaanstad

Products used
Product name
INT8201 LED wall interface for LG 130 inch All-in-one (LAAF series)
TD1564 Trolley kit, double pole (black)

Project co-ordination

Installater      : A.V.V. Zaanstad
Distributor     : Vogel’s Professional Nederland (VPN)

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