dvLED Connect-It System

Universal LED wall mounting solution for seamless installation

Mount your dvLED wall easily with a professional LED video wall solution from Vogel's. Our dvLED mounting solutions are specially set up for the fast-growing market and allow LED walls to stand out perfectly. Check out our composite modular dvLED Connect-it system kits here.

  • Specially for all dvLED panels
  • Complete solution
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Universal & brand-specific video wall solutions

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Universal dvLED panels - even more possibilities

Vogel's offers dvLED mounting solutions, which are easy and quick to install. We offer a solution for almost every brand and application. Our dvLED Connect-It system is suitable for all brands of dvLED panels.

The unique and modular dvLED Connect-it system allows for a multitude of mounting options. This makes placement of the dvLED on the wall, floor or ceiling easy. The tiles fit together seamlessly. Vogel's uses lightweight frames, which also makes it easy to transport.

What Vogel's offers:

  • For wall, ceiling or floor mounting
  • Can be combined with unique Vogel's Connect-it system
  • Easy, quick and seamless installation
  • Vogel's quality, TÜV certified

Vogel's dvLED Connect-it

With the innovative Vogel's dvLED Connect-it system, mounting an LED wall to the wall is easy. This system is designed as a universal solution offering compatibility with LED panels of all brands. Moreover, the system is designed to also be suitable for ceiling mounting, floor/ceiling mounting, floor/wall mounting. It can also be attached to Vogel's floor stands and trolleys. Useful when drilling into the wall is not allowed.

Easy wall mounting with the dvLED Connect-it system

Are you looking for a simple mounting system to mount an LED wall on the wall? Then Vogel's offers the perfect solution with the dvLED Connect-it system. This system is designed as a universal solution that allows you to place your LED video Wall tightly and flush against the wall. The horizontal profiles are fixed to the wall with fully 3D adjustable wall brackets, so that any unevenness in the wall is absorbed. With the included mounting bolts (suitable for LED screens with M6, M8 and M10 mounting holes), the LED panels are easily fixed to the system. Whether it is a 3x3 configuration, a 4x4 LED configuration or a 5x5, 6x6, 6x4, 8x8, 10x10 or 12x12 LED wall, the dvLED Connect-it system is suitable for any configuration. The distance from the wall is only 40.5 mm.

Floor-to-ceiling solution for mounting an LED wall

Want to build a dvLED wall with LED panels but don't have the option of mounting the LED video wall against the wall? No problem. With the universal dvLED Connect-it system, you can also mount your LED wall on a floor/ceiling configuration. Useful if you are dealing with a glass wall or shop window, for example. Whether it is a 3x3 LED wall, a 4x4 LED configuration or a 6x6 LED video wall, any LED panel configuration is possible. This is because the dvLED Connect-it system is easy to expand, both in height and width.

Mount your LED wall to the ceiling

Don't have the option of mounting your LED wall on the wall or floor? No problem. With the Vogel's dvLED Connect-it system, you can also easily mount your LED video wall to the ceiling. Useful at airports or public areas, for example. Contact one of our sales specialists for a customised configuration. Or visit our page on dvLED Connect-it.

Place your LED wall free-standing in a room

Position your LED wall as a free-standing configuration in a room. If you want to put together an LED wall with LED panels but do not have the option of drilling holes in walls, ceilings or floors, the dvLED Connect-it system offers an alternative with the Connect-it floor stand. Install your dvLED video wall on a floor stand, available for various configurations such as a 3x3, 4x4, or 6x4 LED panels setup, as well as any other desired LED wall configuration. The Connect-it floor stand system is modular and can be easily adapted or expanded.

Use a trolley for your LED wall for mobility and flexibility

If you need the flexibility to move your LED wall around, such as in meeting rooms or classrooms, the dvLED Connect-it system offers the solution with a Connect-it trolley. Thanks to the wheels under the trolley, you can roll your LED wall from one room to another effortlessly and safely. This is particularly useful for using an LED display or LED screen in different locations. The trolley makes you extremely flexible, as you can easily mount and move your LED display or LED wall.

Optimise your LED wall with Vogel's universal dvLED Connect-it system

Vogel's dvLED Connect-it system is known as a versatile, unique and universal mounting system. The dvLED Connect-it system is compatible with all types of LED panels and brands of LED displays. We have put together special mounting kits for the most popular LED brands:


These kits are available for common LED panel configurations, such as 3x3, 4x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 6x4, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12. Of course, we can also supply any configuration for all other LED brands. We will be happy to help you find a suitable solution for your project.

Create any size LED video wall with Vogel's dvLED Connect-it system

Are you planning to mount a small or large dvLED wall? Vogel's offers a suitable mounting solution for every size LED wall. We have put together basic kits for the most popular LED panel sizes:

3x3 LED configuration
4x3 LED configuration
4x4 LED configuration
5x5 LED configuration
6x6 LED configuration
6x4 LED configuration
8x8 LED configuration
10x10 LED configuration
12x12 LED configuration

Looking for a special LED wall mounting solution?

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