Perfect AV mounting solutions for the rental industry

Ensure flawless installation with AV mounting products for rental & staging market

When an event requires AV installations, it is important that the mounting solutions have the same flexibility, speed and safety. That's why you'll find the SmartMetals line at Vogel's, with AV mounting products specifically for the rental market. Mount a display close to the stage with our mount. Or choose a floor stand that is easy to transport in a flight case. Attach projectors to a truss or use the stack frames for perfect mounting of large projectors during events, such as concerts and theatre performances.

Benefits of Vogel's AV mounting solutions for rental sector

  • Easy and complete (dis)assembly
  • Floor stands and trolleys can be mounted without tools
  • Safe and sturdy to use
  • Storage in flight cases
  • Quick installation

Display floor stands for every situation

Rental mounts with three- or four-point coupling for stand, wall or truss

Whether it's an event with a big stage. Or a conference with hundreds of visitors. For those on stage, a display flat on the ground can be an ideal solution for seeing information on it. The stage stand with short column is ideal for this. Or floor stands with or without wheels for added convenience. 

Therefore, create flexibility by replacing the floor plate, for example. This way, you turn a fixed stand for your display into one on wheels. Add a stand head and interface and the product is complete.

The handy rental mounts from our SmartMetals product line make installing a display easy. This can be on a stand, or on the wall or a truss. Perfect for activities where a display needs to be visible in the middle of the room. Or just high up on a truss system. 

Presentation of lighter displays

Stack frames for projectors

Elektrische display liften in het klaslokaal | Vogel's

Not every event requires a heavy and large display. Especially for lighter displays, Light Series products have been designed to fit seamlessly together. The Light Series floor stand, for example, is suitable for displays up to 55 inches and weighing only 30 kg. You complete this with a stand head and interface or a floor plate.  

Kies elektrische trolleys om schermen gemakkelijk te verrijden | Vogel's

Are multiple projectors used at an event to create a larger projection? Then they need to be adjusted and fitted just right. With Vogel's stack frames from the SmartMetals line, you know it will be done right. You also easily mount them to a truss module with additional trigger clamps. 


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