PFA 9132 Floor / ceiling support

The PFA 9132 is a part of the universal video wall Connect-it system. Use it in combination with the universal video wall floor or ceiling plate to create your own floor to ceiling video wall solution.
Please check for all possiblities our Pro-AV Mount Advisor.

PFA 9033 is an accessory shelf to place a DVD player, laptop PC, documentation, etc. Multiple shelves can be used on a trolley or stand. The shelve can be used on both front or back of the trolley/stand.

PFA 9132 Floor / ceiling support


Awards and certificates


TÜV NORD is an independent certification authority for products and manufacturing processes. They carry out independent quality and safety tests and are recognized globally as the label of excellent quality. All certified products for professional use are tested to carry at least 5 times the indicated weight without collapsing (deformation is possible).

Specifications For PFA 9132 Floor / ceiling support

Article number
5 years
TÜV certified