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TVA 6000 Cable Cover (white)

TVA 6000 Cable Cover (white)

TVA 6000 Cable Cover (white)

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TVA 6000
Cable Cover
In stock
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  • Installation made easy: paste it or screw it
  • No cable mess
  • Cut to any length or direction

Hide up to four cables neatly and safely
With this TVA 6000 cable cover, you can hide four cables safely and neatly out of sight of children and pets. The design is very slim and stylish with a minimal distance from the wall of only 14 mm and a length of 80 cm. Naturally, it is suitable for concealing various types of cable, such as HDMI, USB, AUX or power cables.

Adaptable to your needs
Easy to cut to length or at an angle, so that you can mount the cable cover above the skirting board. The cable cover can be installed quickly and easily in two ways: with double-sided tape or screws. The cover can be painted to match the colour of your wall.

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