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Student room | Vogel's

Hanging TV in your student room, save space

Decorate small student room with 3 smart TV tips

Whether you are just starting your student life or you want to give your current student room a refresh. Furnishing a small student room requires smart solutions when it comes to your TV and equipment. For example, mount your TV on the wall and get extra space. Discover more valuable TV tips to furnish your student room functionally, comfortably and cosily here.

Student room | Vogel's

Remember these 3 TV tips when setting up student room

1. Make best use of the space

Are you going to furnish a student room from 10 to 16m2? In such a small student room, floor space is precious. So choose a TV wall mount to install your TV on the wall. This creates much-needed space.

2. Select the right TV viewing height

When hanging your TV in a limited space, look where your bed, sofa or desk will be. Then place your TV at eye level. This prevents neck pain and ensures optimal viewing pleasure. You can also always position your TV slightly higher for better visibility.

3. Hide your TV cables

Keep your room neat and organised by keeping cables out of sight. Use cable covers, cable clips or velcro strips to guide your TV and other cables along the wall. This way, you maintain a tidy room.

Pay attention to light falling on your TV screen

When hanging your TV, it is important that no direct sunlight falls on your screen to avoid glare. In that case, use a swivelling or tilting TV mount. And of course, you can also consider blackout curtains or blinds to reduce the light in your room.

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Full-motion TV wall mounts

If you have the luxury of wanting to watch TV in your student or rented room from different angles (e.g. from your bed, your sofa and your dining table), there are full-motion TV wall mounts. These can be rotated left and right, allowing you to precisely adjust the viewing angle. This makes it even easier to experience a cinema experience from multiple angles in your room.

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