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How to watch TV in your garden

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As soon as the weather is nice enough, we prefer to live outdoors. Our garden plays a key role in that. You may also want to watch TV outside sometimes.

On the patio in the garden or under the canopy in the outdoor kitchen. But how do you do it?

1. Upgrade inside, install outside!

When you buy a new TV for in the living room, you can use the old one to watch TV outside. Vogel’s has a wide range of TV brackets. Would you like to know which Vogel's products are suitable for outdoor use?

2. Pay attention to weather conditions and moisture

A waterproof TV is very expensive. So please note: if you're using your regular TV, do not expose it to rain or wind. Place your TV under a canopy to protect it.

And for optimal image quality, you should place your TV in the shade. Bright sunlight usually means that you can't see much.

3. Bring your outdoor TV inside in the autumn

Once autumn starts, bring your outdoor TV inside again. This is simple with a Vogel's TV bracket. You can easily remove your TV from the bracket using the interface. Read the manual for instructions on how to do this.

To remove larger TVs you should work in pairs!

4. Not a lot of shade? Place the screen facing north

If you have little shade, mount your TV facing north so that the sun is mostly behind your TV. Avoid mounting your TV facing south. The screen would then be facing the sun, making it difficult to see. It goes without saying that this works the other way round in the southern hemisphere.

5. Use an outdoor power point

If you connect your TV to a power point that is exposed to the elements, you should have an outdoor power point installed, preferably by a certified electrician. These power points usually have a cover over the connection between the cable and the socket.
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Outdoor TV
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Outdoor TV
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Outdoor TV

6. Use weatherproof products and mounting materials

If you want to watch TV outside safely, make sure the bracket and the mounting materials are weatherproof. Vogel’s guarantees products of perfect quality. This is why we provide an extra long warranty on our products.

To mount the TV, use stainless steel screws, which are resistant to corrosion. These can be obtained from DIY stores or hardware stores.

7. Mounting your TV outside on a Full-Motion TV mount

Choose a TV bracket that swivels, so that you can direct the TV to the desired viewing angle. Would you like to watch TV outside during the day? Make sure to mount your TV out of the sun.

8. Place your speakers outside too

Connect your TV to external speakers for a fantastic sound experience. You can connect your outdoor TV to your home audio system or use external speakers. Place them at ear height and use speaker stands.

Or mount your speakers on speaker mounts, so that you can direct the speakers and sound towards you.

9. Keep your HDMI cables short or find other solutions

HDMI cables were not designed to cover long distances. So if you want to connect something other than an antenna cable to your TV, you should consider finding another solution.

10. Hide your cables from view

Neat and tidy with no messy cables – just use our high-quality cable covers. These are easy to install and ensure a clean and sleek design.

Find the perfect TV bracket, TV stand, speaker mount & stand for outdoors!

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