Samsung OM46N-D & OM55N-D mounting solution

Be visible outside, sell inside

Claim your customers attention

There is always a tough competition in claiming the attention of customers passing by stores. As well as there is a need for effective customer communication inside the store. It forces businesses to make the right choice of displays from which to show their message both outside and inside the store.

Samsung developed the ideal solution with a double-sided display, the Samsung OM46N-D & OM55N-D. Vogel's developed a retail display stand exclusively designed for the Samsung's OMN-D Series double sided displays, for both 46" and 55" sizes to maximise this dual communication display.

The PFFC 4655 can be used to mount both OM46N-D or OM55N-D. With this solution, Vogel’s offers the best way to mount this display for both ceiling and floor mounting options with just one product. 


Product benefits

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Lightweight aluminum profiles
  • Cable management system

* When you need a floor-to-ceiling solution you need 2 pieces of the PFFC 4655

Mounting solutions With only 3 SKU's you can create 5 different solutions:
Product Product name
PFFC 4655 Mount for Samsung OMN-D
PFF 2046 Floor plate for Samsung OM46N-D
PFF 2055 Floor plate for Samsung OM55N-D


This new retail display mount solution includes a ceiling mount, floor mount and floor-to-ceiling mount option to suit the possibilities and preferences of the store where it is to be installed.

Mount OM46N-D & OM55N-D without drilling
On the other hand, there are times when it is not possible to drill holes in the ceiling or floor, or you simply want the option to easily relocate the device at any time. For these cases, Vogel's also has a special base on which to place the Samsung OMN-D display holder for both 46" screens and 55" screens, which does not require any fixing.

Like all Vogel's mounts, this retail display mount stands out for its ease and speed of installation and maintenance, as it only has 3 SKUs to configure the device, allowing for a quicker and simpler installation. This is also helped by its aluminum structure, which makes it lighter and therefore easier to handle when mounted, while providing the necessary strength and stability to ensure the integrity of the display.

Another of the great qualities of these supports is that their simple but elegant aesthetics make them compatible with any type of exterior and interior design of the premises, so that they are perfectly integrated into the space where they are located and without attracting attention, giving all the prominence to the contents emitted by the screens.

In addition, its design has been conceived so that all the cables of the installation are perfectly channeled and hidden inside the structure, preventing them from being manipulated by the establishment's visitors, while at the same time offering a cleaner and more elegant image of the space in which it is located.

For other configurations, please use our Pro-AV mount advisor

Pro-AV Mount Advisor

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