In a world in which more and more meetings are taking place online, you want to make sure you have the right equipment for your video conference. That includes stylish professional furniture from Vogel’s to be sure you're sitting in front of the equipment at the optimal distance and height. Move the displays easily between meeting rooms with a trolley. Or choose a floor stand for when the display stays in one fixed spot. In addition, make sure that a camera and speaker are properly secured with our camera/speaker holder.

  • Mobile 
  • Easy to install 
  • TÜV certified 
  • Combine with camera/speaker holder 
  • 5-year warranty 

How do you set up a workplace as effectively as possible?

For a video conferencing workplace it is very important that it is well equipped. You need one or two monitors. You need speakers for the sound. You need software to be able to contact your customers. Vogel’s offers various possibilities to mount your video conferencing equipment in your workspace. Which one? For example a wall mounting solution. You can also mount your equipment of a Connect-it floor stand. Are you looking for a mobile solution so you can switch rooms? No problem, use the Connect-it trolley. Do you prefer a stylish video conferencing furniture in which you can place your equipment? Vogel’s offers the solution.

Why choose a wall mount solution?

When using a wall mount solution you can make sure your video conferencing equipment is always in the right position. Why is that important? Well, to make sure you sit in front of your equipment as good as possible in terms of distance and height. A video conferencing wall solutions consists of a horizontal display interface bar and a set of display interface strips. You can mount it at any height on the wall. Does your video conferencing equipment consist of multiple displays? No problem, the Connect-it display interface bars are available in various lengths and you are able to connect them. Do you also want to mount a speaker or camera? With the Vogel’s speaker/camera support you can mount both, a speaker and a camera. For a dual display solution use for example 1x PFB 3419 Display Interface Bar (black) and 2x PFS 3504 Display Interface Strips, 3D adjustable and 1x PVA 5050 Camera/Speaker Holder.

Would you rather prefer a floor stand or trolley?

It is not always possible to drill into the wall. In that case you can also choose to place your video conferencing equipment on a Connect-it floor stand. How? Combine a floor plate with one or two poles, depending on the size of the display or the amount of displays, use a display interface bar in combination with a set of displays interface strips and you have your free standing video conferencing solution. Should the solution be mobile? No problem. Change the floor plate into a trolley frame and your solution is easy to move from one room to another. With the speaker/camera support you can easily mount your camera and or video equipment. For a single display solution use for example 1x PFF 7030 Floor Plate and 2x PUC 2715 Pole 150 cm (black)  and 1x  PFB 3407 Display Interface Bar (black) and 1x PFS 3304 Display Interface Strips tilt.

How do I install my video conferencing equipment on a stylish furniture?

In addition to all this, Vogel’s also offers various models of video conferencing furniture. Each with its own specific features. What they all have in common is their superior finish and quality. The storage cabinets are easily accessible and offer ample space for your AV equipment and cable management. Some of them are even lockable to prevent theft. In order to mount one or two displays you choose a display interface bar and a set of display interface strips, depending on the size of the display and or the amount of displays. Add the speaker/camera support and you have a complete stylish solution for you video conferencing equipment. All furniture is suitable for mounting display from 55 to 90 inches or dual displays up to 65 inches. For a dual display solution use for example 1x PFF 5211 Video conferencing furniture and 1x PFB 3419 Display Interface Bar (black) and 2x PFS 3504 Display Interface Strips, 3D adjustable.