S062.7300-98 Display hoister, 98"

This divisible floor stand with flight case is perfect for both transporting and electrically lifting and installing a display. For screens up to 98 inches and a weight of 120 kg (265 lbs).

Lifting to desired height
Thanks to the integrated electric hoist system, lifting the display out of the flight case is easy.

Rotation function
Combining this product with a display mount (S052.5075) creates an additional rotation function. This also makes it easy to rotate the display from landscape to portrait position.

  • Ideal for transport and electric lifting
  • Suitable for up to 98" and 120 kg (265 lbs)
  • Integrated electric hoist system
  • Combine with display mount for additional rotation function

S062.7300-98 Display hoister, 98"

Specifications For S062.7300-98 Display hoister, 98"

EAN single box
Product group
Rental stands & trolleys
5 years
Height (mm)
Max. weight load (kg)
Max. weight load (lbs)

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