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UP Series

UP Series


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S 19-43"
Max 15 kg
M 32-65"
Max 25 kg
L 40-77"
Max 35 kg
Motion (up to 120°)
Full motion (up to 180°)
Full-Motion TV Wall Mount
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    Full-motion TV wall mount: UP Full Motion
    Want to be able to watch your TV comfortably from any angle in the room? Choose a full-motion UP TV wall mount. UP Full Motion models can be turned up to 120°. UP Full Motion+ models can even be turned up to 180°. All Full Motion and Full Motion+ TV wall mounts can also tilt.


    UP TV wall mounts: functional, affordable, no-nonsense
    Are you just looking for a reliable TV wall mount that does exactly what it says? Need a functional, affordable solution without any fuss?
    Meet Vogel's UP series. A complete line of TV wall mounts to mount your TV safely and securely on the wall. UP TV wall mounts are TÜV certified, unlike most wall mounts in this price range.