OLED Wall Mounts

Vogel's TV wall mounts, especially designed for OLED TVs

These screens are ultra-thin and therefore fragile. Based on our many years of experience, we have developed full-motion OLED wall mounts with a smooth turning motion, helping to prevent damage to the screen. Here, you can find convenient full-motion OLED wall mounts and other wall mounts that allow you to mount your TV flat against the wall.

  • Perfect fit
  • Mount extremely flat against the wall
  • Very smooth turning motion

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SIGNATURE // Full-Motion

SIGNATURE // Full-Motion

TV Wall Mount for large, ultra slim TVs featuring smooth manual or motorized movement

Vogel's THIN 546 ExtraThin Full-Motion TV Wall Mount for OLED TVs (black) - Suitable for 40 up to 65 inch TVs - Full motion (up to 180°) - Product

THIN 546 ExtraThin Full-Motion TV Wall Mount for OLED TVs (black)

A slim and elegant TV wall mount to mount your tv as flat as possible.