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TVA 7000 Cable cover (white)

TVA 7000 Cable cover (white)

TVA 7000 Cable cover (white)

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TVA 7000
Cable Cover
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  • High-quality aluminium finish
  • Up to 6 cables are neatly and stylishly concealed
  • Compatible with all Vogel's TV wall mounts
  • Seamless connection to SIGNATURE TV wall mounts
  • Can be shortened and is easy to install

High-quality aluminium cable cover

Complement your TV wall mount with our cable cover. That way you can neatly hide your cables against the wall.

The alumimium cable cover can accomodate 6 cables. It is 95 cm long and can ben easily shortened to the desired length. Cable clamps easily guide cables through the cable cover. The 2 covers supplied allow you to neatly finish the ends.

Stylish aluminium cable cover

Hide and protect your cables stylishly next to the wall, with this high-quality aluminium black cable cover. It connects seamlessly to the wall plate of Vogel's SIGNATURE DesignMount and SIGNATURE MotionMount. However, you can also combine it with any other Vogel's TV wall mount.

The cable cover can accommodate 6 cables: 5 x 7.5 mm and 1 x 9 mm. These can include an HDMI cable, network cable and audio leads.