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Control your smart home with tablet or phone | Vogel's

Control your smart home with your tablet or phone

Discover the possibilities for making your home smarter here

More and more is becoming possible in the field of Home Control, which is also known as the 'Smart Home'. You can already control your lighting, heating system and alarm system through an app on your smartphone or tablet. Because you connect the devices via the internet (WiFi or Ethernet), remote control is possible, no matter where in the world you are!

On this page you will find a number of solutions from our subsidiary Marmitek. They specialise in smart applications for your home and Audio Video.

Smart lighting

Smart home Marmitek Smart lighting | Vogel's

By replacing your current bulbs with smart bulbs, you can change the atmosphere of your home in an instant. You can use an app to determine the light intensity, the desired lighting colour and to dim the lights. No need for separate dimmers anymore! Smart bulbs can be inserted into existing light fittings.

Take a look at the Smart Lighting from Marmitek.

Smart doorbell

Smart home Marmitek Smart doorbell | Vogel's

A smart doorbell with camera allows you to make contact with anyone at your door, wherever you are. Let delivery drivers know which neighbour they can leave a parcel with. Or let visitors know when you will be back home. You communicate via an app on your smartphone with the person standing at your door.

Find out more on this Smart Doorbell from Marmitek.

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Turn your TV with an app

The Vogel's MotionMount brings high-end design and the ultimate ease of use into your home. Simply turn on your TV and this motorized TV mount automatically turns towards you.

Thanks to the handy app, you no longer need to get up to turn the TV; control the mount from the comfort of your chair. This motorized TV mount automatically rotates towards you, no matter where you are in the room, and up to 120 degrees to the left and right.

Smart security cameras

Smart home Marmitek Smart Security Cameras | Vogel's

Monitor your home and immediate surroundings remotely with smart cameras. A smart camera sends notifications via an app when movements are detected. After an alert, immediately view the real-time images on your smartphone. Did you know that a smart camera can also turn on a smart light when it detects movement? It provides an extra safe feeling!

For more information on smart indoor and outdoor cameras, click the button.

Smart plugs

Smart home Marmitek Smart Plugs | Vogel's

Smart plugs can be inserted into existing sockets to turn any device in the home into a 'smart' device. This means that you can control your lamps remotely via an app, for example, or turn your coffee machine on or off. Use this app as a timer. Set the timers once and your devices will automatically turn on or off. Some smart plugs also measure the energy consumption of the device to which they are connected.

Check out the smart plugs.

Tablet holder for easy access

With all of the smart equipment you can operate via an app, your smartphone or tablet are indispensable. To make sure you don't have to search for your tablet, it is convenient if you place it in a Vogel's Tablet Holder. That way, your tablet is always within reach and you can operate your apps with ease. Let it work for you!

Feel free to visit the website of Marmitek, our subsidiary. We are proud of their expertise in the field of Smart Homes. 

* Special thanks to Marmitek for providing us with a range of Smart Home images.

Let smart home appliances work for you | Vogel's

Enjoy your Smart Home

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