Harry Vogels' idea

the world's first speaker wall bracket

In 1973, a time when most speakers were either placed on the ground, a side table or a windowsill, Harry Vogels comes up with a way to improve acoustics in the home. He decides to mount his speakers on the wall, so he can turn them

to exactly the right position. This inspires Harry Vogels, the father of our current CEO Gerdi, to develop the first speaker stand in the world.

The world's first speaker wall mount

The BEK 100, as the speaker bracket was named, was a huge success. Harry introduced the BEK 100 onto the market and orders came pouring in. Some major changes soon had to be made to the Vogels family home. The garage was turned into a small warehouse and a workshop was added to the house. Harry Vogels became an entrepreneur and established the Vogel’s brand.

Soup spoons and toy parts

Harry created new prototypes from soup spoons and toy parts, which he 'borrowed' from his wife Henny and his children, Gerdi and Marcel. In the following years, the range of products grew to include brackets for small speakers as well as a floor stand. 

Eerste luidspekerstandaard Eerste luidspekerstandaard
Eerste luidspekerstandaard Eerste luidspekerstandaard

From speakers to televisions

In 1978, five years after introducing the BEK 100, the first TV wall mount was introduced. The TV could be placed on the wall bracket and turned in any direction. After the TV wall mount, a ceiling bracket for televisions was introduced in the 1990s. They proved to be a huge commercial success, as hospitals began installing these ceiling brackets in large numbers. 

Gradually, Vogel’s specialist field shifted from speaker wall brackets to TV mounts. The start of global growth for Vogel's came with the introduction of the Evolution Series. This was the first modular system to integrate TV, cable housings and audio and video equipment. With its revolutionary design, it soon became the standard in its product category.

Worldwide success

From as early as 1978, we started selling our products outside of the Netherlands. That year we sold our first speaker and TV mounts in Germany.We even added USA in 1984 and in the following years we expanded with a large partner distribution network. Today Vogel's has its own offices in the Netherlands (Putten), Spain (Barcelona), Hong Kong, China (Nanjing) and Germany (Löhne). The head office is still located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Vogel's products are available worldwide through a large international partner distribution network that includes local retailers and e-tailers. Vogels.com also offers access to a large number of Vogel's webshops.

Flatscreen TV mounts

Television technology is always on the move. The first flatscreen televisions to be introduced easily weighed 30-40 kilos. This called for a sturdy and reliable TV bracket. The TV wall mounts of the time were based on a gas spring mechanism that allowed the heavy screen to be moved with just one finger. Vogel’s received a Dutch Design Award for this design.

Vogel’s for the business world

After the success of the ceiling brackets in hospitals, the possibilities continued to grow in the commercial sector. In more and more (public) spaces, signboards and posters were being replaced by televisions and other possibilities, such as projectors.

Vogel's gradually developed to become the wall bracket specialist for the business sector. Included in its range of products were not only television brackets, but also projector mounts and later monitor mounts. In 2002, this expansion led to the creation of 'Vogel's Professional Solutions'.

Vogel’s Professional Solutions offers installation solutions for audio and video equipment in business settings. Securing and protecting the equipment remains one of our top priorities, without compromising on convenience. Vogel’s Professional Solutions provides secure tablet holders, rotating monitor stands and display solutions for numerous meeting rooms, public spaces and offices.