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Tallinn - Helsinki

Tallink Megastar

Tallink Megastar operates on route Helsinki – Tallinn, is 212.2 metres in length, 30.6 metres in width and takes 2,800 passengers at a time. The first trip took place on the 29th of January 2017 at 13.30 from Tallinn to Helsinki.
This ship has 12 decks. On this ship you will find several restaurants, bars, a traveler superstore (over 2 decks) and a lot of different lounges, sitting lounges, comfort lounges, business lounges, drivers lounges, etc.. Conference rooms and VIP rooms are also available.
In all these places you will find tv’s, think about single solutions but also about big video walls. Even a video wall of 6 x 3 displays is placed. All these displays are mounted with Vogel’s products.
More information about the project 
The installation was made during the building of a brand new vessel –MS Megastar – in Meyer Shipyard, Turku, Helsinki. Site surveys and design of the installation was demanding due to the fact that the ship has been built at the same time as the display mounts were installed.
Usual, The DS implementation is the last installation on site. The whole Digital Signage implementation took more than 1000 man hour to complete. The 74 video wall installation, cabling and configurations took close to 600 hrs. The PFW6870 mount installation was calculated during the project and it took 275 hours.

Impression inside of the ship

15 Video walls installed with Vogel's video wall pop-out modules

Aboard this ship there are 15 video walls using 74 displays. All the video walls are either recessed, or incorporate surronds, and therefore are mounted using Vogel's PFW 6870 pop-out modules for ease of access and servicing.
In addition to these video walls, there are placed another 130 displays in several sizes of 22 inch
to 84 inch. All displays are installed with a Vogel's display wall mount.

Video wall 6 x 3

What's so special about this project?

Managing Director of Craneworks Oy Ltd., Mr. Sami Käyhkö said: "You can imagine Tallink's ships are cruising on Nordic seas , where the weather circumstances are sometimes very rough. In these kind of situations it is very important that the display mounts must be very sturdy and robust in order to guarantee the best functionality and safety. That's why we have chosen for the products of Vogel's. We only want high quality products, with a lot of functionalities and which are easy to install".

Who managed this project?

Mr. Tommi Kärkkäinen and Mr. Jukka Vuoristo of the company Craneworks Oy Ltd (Installer) has managed this project together with our Finnish importer, Mr. Kari Kanervisto from the Auroragroup Finland.

Pictures Video wall solutions

Pictures Single diplay solutions

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