PFFE 7131 Motorized display lift

  • Modular
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Solid construction
  • Suitable for heavy displays

Vogel’s’ motorized display lift is part of the modular Connect-it system. Together with the PFA 9134, PFF 7025 or PFT 8525 you can create floor or mobile solutions which allows educators and presenters to bring their content to new heights.

Schools, universities and companies are rapidly modernizing their classrooms and meeting rooms. Blackboards and whiteboards are being replaced by large interactive displays in order to create an immersive and engaging environment. Vogel’s’ motorized display lift allows educators and presenters to bring their content to new heights. Whether your audience are children in kindergarten or the board of directors, they will always be able to interact with the content thanks to the display lift’s unique 600 mm travel.

Connect-it compatible
Vogel’s motorized lift is a fresh component in our modular Connect-it Series and therefore compatible with our bars, strips and accessories. The motorized display lift can be mounted directly to the floor. With the optional wall bracket you can also secure this floor solution to the wall. Of course the lift can also be mounted on the Connect-it floor plate or a trolley.

PFFE 7131 Motorized display lift

This product has been discontinued


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Awards and certificates

This product passed extensive tests to guarantee compliance with the TÜV Nord quality standard. Products are tested to carry at least 3 times the indicated weight for domestic related products and at least 5 times for professional products without collapsing. TÜV NORD is an independent certification authority and recognized globally as the label of excellent quality.

Specifications For PFFE 7131 Motorized display lift

Article number
EAN single box
TÜV certified
5 years
Min. distance to floor - center display (mm)
Max. distance to floor - center display (mm)
Height adjustment (mm)
Remote controlled
Max. weight load (kg)
Max. screen size (inch)
Min. screen size (inch)
Max. height mid display (mm)